Sunday, August 23, 2009

4th of July!!!

This 4th of July was definately a fun one! We went to Logan and spent time with those crazy(in a good way) Lundbergs. We started the day off right by going to the Boy Scouts pancake breakfast. It was our first year going, but for sure not our last! Megan was thrilled because she loves pancakes! After the breakfast, we went to the farmers market(sorry no pictures). Our time old tradition on my dad's side of the family is to go to the Hyrum parade. His parents(Nana and Papa) house is on Main St so we always have the best seats. Since they are both passed, the house is up for sale and this could be our last year doing the parade. :( Here's Nate and I in our chairs anxiously awaiting the parades arrival.
I love this picture of my niece, Megan. This is when she didn't get the piece of candy that she wanted. Don't worry about the fact that she got like 700 other pieces. She really wanted THAT one.
This is a special guest that the guys caught lurking in the bushes at Nana and Papa's house! GROSS! Yes, that is a full blown rat! Nate, Daryl and a bunch of the guys cornered and caught him. After the parade was over, he came up missing from the bucket. I didn't like the idea of that. To finish up the day, we went up to the cabin with all the extended family and had lunch(again, sorry that there's no pics) and just talked. It was alot of fun. We were able to relax that night cause we went to the fireworks the night before. All in all, it was a very fun holiday.
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T-Ray said...

Gross rat, cute couple and cute family. :o) I am so glad you decided to come back to your blog. I have been missing your updates.

Amy said...

fer fun!!!!

that rat is disgusting.

glad you are back to blogging!!!

Angela said...

K 1st...that rat is DISGUSTING! 2nd I HEART that picture of Megan and the lost piece of candy. 3rd I am so glad you are blogging again!

Loved your Honduras posts also!

Lesley said...

I am glad you FINALLY gave us the details on the rest of your trip! :) Nate should start a travel business for trips to Honduras! It sounds like it was the perfect trip. I bet real life is a harsh reality when you look at those GORGEOUS pictures of you on the beach!

I loved the picture of your niece!

Lindsay said...

Love the picture of Megan! All of your updates are and Nate are so much fun!

Liz Adams said...

fun...miss you