Friday, March 13, 2009

Shout out to Nate!!!

You deserve a gold star!
Ok, at the risk of sounding like TAMN on'll understand what I mean if you read that blog), I seriously have to do a big thanks to Nate. I've been sick with the flu the past couple of days. I must admit that when I'm sick, I'm kind of a baby. Anyway, even though I knew that Nate was awesome, he has shown me a whole new level amazingness. Seriously, the guy has been waiting on me hand and foot. He has been making dinner, running to the store to get me orange juice, getting out of bed to get me medicine at night, grabbing me tissues, wrapping me up in blankets 'burrito style', rubbing my feet, tickling my back, folding my towels for work, and just about everything you can think of. So I went back to work today and I have to say that the house was kind a disaster cause I have been too sick to do anything. So when I came home from work, he was already home and had comletely cleaned EVERYTHING...including vacuuming! I was so happy, especially since I had NO desire to do anything cause I'm still not feeling the best. What a guy! I just wanted to say thanks! Otherwise I might be tempted to do it over the pulpit in testimony meeting. KIDDING!!!!! This is where I draw the line.