Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our House

We've been meaning to put these pictures up for a while now but we just haven't been able to find the time. These are pictures that we took of the house that we're buying (but don't ask when, cause we still don't have a closing date!) We took them when we first looked at the house and we probably should have taken more, but we didn't know we were going to buy it at the time. We haven't been able to go back inside since. So this is all we've got for now. We'll definately take some more when we move in.

This is our house. It's the one on the right on the end. It was the model home, so they put up a stucco wall with windows and a door in place of the garage so they could use it as an office. It has since been converted back to a garage. Yay for a garage and no scraping off car windows!
This is our kitchen and small dining room. Since it was the model, the floors, cabinets and appliances were all upgraded. It cost a little bit more, but not too much, so it was worth it. To the right is the sliding glass door that leads out to the deck and our small yard.

Here is the living room. It is a nice open space and as you can see it's right off the kitchen. It also has a little nook that's perfect for our TV.
This is our basement. It's unfinished which is kind of nice because then we can make whatever we want out of it. Plus it gives us the chance to do some fun projects.
Our laundry room is located in the hall upstairs outside of all of the bedrooms.

We'll have a full bath located in the hallway upstairs.
This is one of the two spare bedrooms. They're not huge, but not small either.

Here we have the master bedroom. It was hard to get a good picture of it. It's a pretty good size with lots of room. The ceiling is vaulted with makes it feel more open. We love the wondows!
The master bath is just off of the the master bedroom. You can also see the linen closet on the left.
This is the rest of the master bathroom. The walk in closet is on the far side.

One of our favorite parts of the house is the walk-in closet.
There's more of it.

That's all the pics we have for now. Hopefully we will close soon and be able to move in. Right now it's pretty much a blank slate, but that will soon change!