Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding Celebrations

Before the wedding post, I'd like to post some of the wedding prep stuff. About a month ago, I went to Logan for a couple of showers for Melissa. A few of the women in our ward growing up threw her a ward shower. That evening, our cousins and aunts threw a family shower. I love getting together with our extended family and this was a great reason to do it. As you can see, it was a fabulous time.
This is my mom and sisters after the shower. We spent a few hours tying a quilt for Melissa and Travis, which is a family tradition. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the quilt but it turned out really cute.

The night before the wedding, the Dansereau's (Travis' family) had a family dinner. We got the chance to get to know his family and eat some great food. Here's Michael (brother), Steve (bro in law) and Nate shootin' the breeze.

The kids loved the Koi pond.
Nate and I enjoyed the festivities. We had a delicious dutch oven dinner made by Travis' brother in law and sister.
This is my mom and Grandma Gutke out on the patio getting stuff ready.

After dinner, we sat in a circle and gave them some marriage advice. Some of it was funny, some was serious and some was can I say this? Inappropriate. My favorite part of the night was the look on my grandma's face when it was given. She looked horrified! Hilarious.
After that, things got a little crazy. I love how great Melissa and Travis are together.

We got a sibling picture at the end of the night. I love them! They are all so great.

Melissa's wedding day

We felt like this day would never come! I'm so happy to say that my little sister Melissa married Travis Dansereau on July 1, 2010. They got engaged in Decemeber , which by Utah standards is a long engagement. It was such a fun day! I know that there are a lot of pictures, so bear with me on this. It was really hard for me to decide on the pictures, and I wanted to share all the fun we had. I started the day off early by Melissa's hair. I was feeling extremely anxious about it cause I wanted her hair to look amazing. I'm glad it turned out the way I wanted it to.

They were married in the Logan Temple. Nate took this shot that morning. It was a beautiful day. When they came out of the temple, they were happier than I've ever seen them. Melissa looked so good. Check out her amazing dress.
We took a lot of pictures outside of the temple. Here is the couple with my parents.

As you might notice from the picture below, it was an extremely windy day! I felt like we had a built in fan, which is great for when we want the wind blown model look. However, for the most part it made me obsessed with fixing Melissa's hair. I told her it was part of the wedding hair-do package.
These are the sisters. Love them!
Just a little memorial of our own wedding day.
I ended up not taking many pictures of the luncheon that afternoon. We had it at the Coppermill in Logan. They gave us the chance to share some stuff about the couple with everyone there. Big surprise, I cried. I get a little emotional when it comes to stuff with Melissa.
The reception went well. It was so fun to see old Logan friends and hang out with the family. My mom, sister Angela and I are the pic below.
This is my niece Gabby. She's wacky. Enough said.

Cutting the cake and kissing. My brother, Michael caught the garter. What a champ. He was obviously the most athletic person there, so of course he caught it.
In my opinion, the most fun of the day was the dance party at the end of the reception. Michael brought his ipod with Chris Brown's 'Forever'. We hooked it up to the sound system and had a little dance party as one last surprise for Melissa and Travis. Of course, they loved it and we had a ton of fun dancing while a lot of people stood there and watched us. Party poopers. Even my parents joined in and were loving it. My mom is in the green and my dad in the suit.I'm so happy for Melissa and Travis and look forward to many fun times with them in the future.