Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I can't put it off any longer!!!

Well folks, because of my serious procrastination, you are going to have to get the second half of summer in one big post. I'll start it with a picture of Nate golfing on his birthday. Even though I cut off his chin, I love this picture of him. I love that he has a tee in his mouth and I love the look of concentration on his face. Over the 24th of July weekend, we went to Hurricane with our friends, Nicole W and Aileen. Aileen's parents also live in Hurricane(Nate's hometown). It was so fun. We went to Sand Hollow Reservior.
We also went hiking in Zions. It was beautiful, but H-O-T!

This is our hiking group. Aileen's mom, Denise and niece, Brooklyn came. As I'm sure you can imagine, Brooklyn put us all to shame. She was basically running the whole time and wondering what on earth was taking the rest of us so long.

On Saturday night, we drove over to St George and went to the Secondhand Serenade/Parachute concert. It was so good, besides the fact that we were the oldest ones there by about 15 years. Who knew? My favorite part of the concert was the ugly face contest that we had. I heart ugly face contests. I learned about them from my brother in law, Steve. Thanks Steve! They are great and entertaining way to pass time.

Not to brag, but I'm pretty sure I won. Who do you think is the winner???

This is the lead singer of Parachute. He did a great job performing live!

Nate and I both had August birthdays. This is Nate about to enjoy favorite breakfast. He turned 29. Only one more year til a big one!

This is his typical present face.....Note: this could also be used for an ugly face contest.

I turned 32 and Nate and Aileen threw me an amazing birthday party with so many fun people!!! I loved every minute of it!!! Also, Nate made another ginormous birthday cake.

Free pizza at the pizza factory.

Labor Day weekend, we went camping with our friends Tom , Season, Aileen and Anamae. We went to the Uintahs and had so much fun....even though we froze during the night! Nate and Tom did the manly thing and built the fire and kept it going.

Tom and Season were so excited about their new tent that they did a Toyota jump. They also announced that Season is pregnant that weekend. Maybe that's why they were jumping. Anyway, we are very excited for them!!

Here we are before we realized how freezing we would be that night. It's probably better that we didn't know, right?

The State Fair......what more can I say than don't get your hopes up. I'm kidding....sort of. We went to the fair with my family and Aileen and we actually had a lot of fun. I do have to say that it's a good thing we had Megan there to entertain us though. And let us not forget about the fried twinkie. I know it's extremely shameful, but I had to try it. Trust me, it was so good. But you should probably never eat one more than once in your life. Don't worry, I shared.

Melissa's boyfriend, Travis got a second place ribbon for the pizza eating contest and he wore that ribbon all night with pride, which I thought was fantastic. Although, he did have a very suspicious fair worker giving him the 3rd degree about where he got the ribbon. I'm pretty sure she thought he stole it off of one of the displays.
My one regret about the fair is that we didn't get a picture of the whole crew. But we had a good turn out....Mom, Michelle, Steve, me, Nate, Michael, Megan and Aileen. We missed Dad, Angela, Kessee, Jaxton and Gabby :(

This was for sure the highlight of Megan's night. I don't blame her.

Now that the holidays are coming, I'll at least make an effort to stay caught up!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Year one...and counting!!!!

Oh my goodness gracious! It's our first anniversary today. Here are some fun pictures from our wedding day at the Logan Temple. I'll never forget that beautiful, blizzardy day! Even though I was FREEZING, it was an amazing day! Thanks to a few family members and friends, we have a small handful of pictures from that day.(We'll never forget the big mishap, when our photographer lost the wedding picures) Anyway, it's been such a fun year and even if I tried, I could never imagine what married life is like! I am so lucky to have someone who totally gets me and is undoubtedly the most patient person I have ever met. Thank you Nate, for always doing everything you can to make sure that I'm happy. I love you!

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