Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sept and Oct in one big post, for the sake of catch up.

It's official...I need to catch up. So, here are some of the things we did in the months of September and October.
I celebrated my birthday for the second time....only later. That girl in the middle, that's Aileen. The one on the right, that's Jayna. They're my friends. Aileen had a combined birthday party for us. She made us birthday hats and she made me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, which happens to be my favorite. She did that on purpose. Nice work, Aileen! Nate came and was, according to this picture, very happy. Maybe it was the cake.

In the months of Sept, we camped. TWICE! That was kind of a record for me. We went with friends like Aileen, Jayna, Anamae, Chris, Brad, Tom, Season, the other Nicole and Darren. I didn't get many pictures though. Oh what fun we had, even though I was constantly worrying about bears. Yes, bears. Also, on the first trip, we wore our matching Coke shirts. Not sure if our friends were jealous of us or embarassed for us. For some reason, I think it might have been the latter.
I did another 5k........ with Aileen. It was so cold. This is our cheering section. Thanks Nate and Jayna for standing in the freezing cold just to take pictures for us so we could post them on our blogs. I like Aileen as my running friend. We need to make this a tradition and do many more. This is just minutes before we went to Magleby's Fresh and ate back the calories that we ran off. I love their french toast! My salon had a retreat in Park City. These are my co workers, Mckenzie, Stacy and Sadee. We ate, talked, laughed and slept a little. Since we had the Presidential Suite, we had a hot tub on our balcony. We stayed in there for quite a while. Unfortunately, the water was only luke warm and when we got out, the tub was about half full. I think that means we surpassed the maximum capacity. Anneliesa and Scott came to visit and stayed at our house! Nate and I had a great time playing Ticket To Ride with them. Of course, we had to go to Zupa's to get Anneliesa her fix. Aileen and I didn't mind. Since they came conference weekend, we did a lot of relaxing and eating. As per usual, Anneliesa and Aileen stole my camera for a self pic. They're so cute. Last but not least, we celebrated our 2 yr anniversary! We started off the weekend by going to the BYU game. After the game, we headed up to Park City for a relaxing weekend. We spent our time at the hot tub and sipping on hot chocolate, shopping the outlets, eating out, watching movies, attending the visitors only sacrament meeting(who knew those existed?) and apparently not taking any pictures. This pic at the BYU game is the only one I have of the whole weekend.

These last two years have been so great and I feel so lucky to have such a great guy who totally gets me and is everything I have ever needed.