Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mangrove Tour

One of the last things we did on the trip was the Magrove Tree Tour. A Magrove tree is a water tree with intertwining roots and braches. Back in the 1600's they cut out canals within the Mangrove trees and used them to take their boats through the canals for protection from pirates. Because of the tunnels, they could take different routes through the island, rather than around the island and get the pirates from behind. They are so thick that they also offer protection from hurricanes. In the picture above is our captian, Emiril. He was really funny. The video below is a little snippet of what the tour was like.
Here we are, enjoying the tour.
This is us on the last night of our trip on the beach by our hotel. We were sad to leave. The trip was AMAZING and Nate did a fantastic job of planning it and carrying it through. It exceeded my expectations beyond what I could have ever imagined. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Honduras, DO IT! It's such a beautiful place.
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T-Ray said...

WOW! That is a BEAUTIFUL sunset! Jealous of your trip, I want to go somewhere so bad.

The ABC's said...

I love looking at your pictures! Too fun! And Nate was a little scruffy! I guess he has to take advantage while he can cause they probably dont let him have any facial hair at work! :)
Also, don't know if anyones told you how to yet, but after you post your first 4 pictures in your post, click on the picture icon again and it will let you add more. You can only do the 4 at one time, but you can still have as many pictures in one post that you want. (hope that makes sense) Hope you guys are doing well!

Val Moir said...

You two are so fun-- Nicole, I wish I could see you in person and hear more about your fantastic trip!! Wow, I am extremely jealous too!