Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Double Daters

Nate and I went out with our friends Tracy and Brent recently. Bowling is one of Nate's favorite things to do and anyone would know that just by looking at his Power Paw(please notcie his right hand). If you're a pro bowler, I'm sure you would know what they are, unlike me. He does this spinny thing when he bowls and I do this thing where the ball goes straight to the gutter. I don't think I broke 78. But it was still really fun!
We also went ice skating with our other friends Ashlee and Nathaniel. The evening started out a little rough with the skates. Notice that my feet have 2 different skates on. I had to try on 3 different pair before I found the perfect fit. Poor Ashlee didn't find a good pair until #4. We even had to test out our skates on the rink and I honestly think that it took us 45 minutes to get the perfect pair. Once we found that pair, the Zambonie promptly hit the ice for a cleaning and took about 15 more minutes. We finally got out there about an hour later! Then I think we actually skated for about 30 minutes. We're so hard core! It was funny.I helped Nate out by pulling him around the rink. He may be able to beat me in bowling, but I'd like to see him try to outdo my triple toe loop!Just resting after alot of skating.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Anneliesa's wedding!!!!

My very good friend, Anneliesa got married on Saturday in Arizona and it was so great! I drove down with Nate and my friends Aileen and Elizabeth. We got there late on Thursday night. Friday morning we had a shower at Mimi's Cafe. (see above picture) After that we went to work running errands until the evening, when we went to the church to set up. The next day, I did Anneliesa's hair and went on some last minute errands with her while Nate, Aileen and Elizabeth went to the church to do the flowers and finish setting up. The wedding ceremony was great, then they had a ring ceremony, a luncheon and the reception. It was alot of work, but the four of us had tons of fun running around. Anneliesa and Scott were so cute together. I have to admit that I was kind of wishing that it was my wedding day again. The happy couple in front of the Mesa Temple.

After the ceremony during pictures.

All of the friends at the wedding. Congrats Anneliesa and Scott!

A few Christmas pics....

Just a few Christmas photos. I didn't really get many, but here are Nate and I in our Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve.

This is one unhappy little wiseman. We had a nativity scene at our family party and my nephew, Jaxton was super cute and a bit unhappy about something...maybe just the fact that he was having his picture taken.

And here is our little Gabby, my youngest niece. She is very funny and quite content just hanging out by the Christmas tree so she could play with the ornaments.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to give everyone an update on our fabulous holiday season. Since I am still trying to work out computer kinks, you don't get to see our bright smiling faces. But soon I will put some pictures up. I just need to get around to downloading them on Nate's computer.
Our first Christmas together was really fun! We went to my parents house and everyone was there except for Michelle, Steve and Megan. SAD! They were in Sun Valley for Michelle, who was performing as a caroler for the holiday season. Despite their absence, we had a great time. Nate got me a sewing machine! I am very excited to start using it. Not that I know how to use it. But, before you all know it I will be making couch covers and sewing prom dresses(from the 80's of course).
For New Year's, we are down in Hurricane, making a stop on the way to my very good friend, Anneliesa's wedding. Last night we played games with Nate's family. It was really fun! This afternoon we are leaving for Arizona for the wedding. I am SO excited. I will definately have some pictures of that. Until then HAPPY NEW YEAR!