Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nate's Honduran friends

I couldn't leave this out of the blog. While we were in Honduras, Nate took great pleasure in finding little 4 legged friends. Please note that these animals were all found on separate occaions and I didn't have enough room to post all of the animals that he found cause for some reason, I can't figure out how to post more than 4 pictures at a time. If anyone knows how, I would love a lesson. I'm clueless! Anyway, notice how small the gecco next to m&m is! It was a tiny little baby. He loved all the animals. I, on the other hand, was happy just to be the photographer! Also. I'm a little worried about what kind of animals are going to be coming in and out of our house when we have kids. SCARY!!

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Mike said...

Wow, I thought you forgot you have a blog! Love the picture of Templeton at Nana and Papa's house. I can show you how to put more pictures in one post, it's pretty easy.

T-Ray said...

That is awesome... I love picking up all the critters too.

The Muries said...

I am like you I hate all those little critters so if Dave and the boys want to look they are on their own. I will take a picture but no more.

Ashlee and Nathanael said...

Hey Nicole, all you have to do to get more photos on one post is upload the first set and then click on the photo upload again and upload more photos.
Anyway, I love that little lizard, the tiny one is so cute!