Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're on our way!

For those of you who don't know, we left for Honduras on Thurdsday night. It has already been an adventure. Since it's hot here, every once in a while we need some down time in the air conditioned hotel room, so I will be blogging some of our adventures while we are on the trip. The night we left, we had a layover in LA for about 7 hours. Luckily Nate has a friend, Nate Goodrich who lives in Huntington Beach, who was good enough to take us around. First things first, Nate G. had a city league basketball game and needed an extra guy. Nate quickly agreed and we spent the first hour at a local high school. It was fun to see him play. After the game, we came back to Nate G's apt,(which is 2 blocks from the beach) where they showered then we headed out for an evening on the town. The best part was we rode some beach cruisers over to downtown Huntington Beach. It was amazing! The weather was perfect and it is so beatiful there. I felt like I was in a dream world!
We walked out the edge of the pier to see the ocean and eat at a local hamburger place called Ruby's, but by then it was about 9 o'clock, so it was closed. We had a tough time finding an open resaurant, but finally found a little mexican place right across from the beach. By the time dinner was done, it was time to get to the airport back in LA for our 2 am flight. Ugh!

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