Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mayan Village

When we got to the Mayan village, Francisco took us into a hut that a local family lives in and they gave us beans and tortillas. They make their homes out of mud and sticks and apparantly the houses last for about 8 years. We look like giants next to this woman. She was the one who fed us. The hut is just one room and the whole family lives there. It is about the size of a regular famly room in utah. It was really cool to see what their culture is like!
I couldn't resist taking this little boy's picture. He saw us and came running with his bow and arrow and was showing off for us by shooting it all over the place. I pretended to be scared and hid behind Nate and he seemed very amused by it.
This is Mirna, she is quite the persistant little thing. The second that she saw us come into the village, she ran and got he cornhusk flowers and wanted us to buy them. I told her, "tengo no dinero" so she pointed to Nate and said, "el". It was pretty funny. It didn't take her long to figure out where the money was. Then she followed us aound the village for about an hour. She only lost interest in us when she saw other Americans coming. We see how it is!
Here is Mirna with some of the other kids in the village. They were very cute and happy to see us.
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Bev said...

Nicole! You two look like you are having so much fun! Keep the pics and blog entries coming, i'm loving it!