Sunday, May 17, 2009

We made it!

This picture expresses the way I feel about our LONG journey to Honduras! It started with a short one hour flight to LA, with a seven hour layover(as stated in the last post), a six hour flight to Panama City, a one hour and fifteen minute flight to Costa Rica, a one hour and fifteen minute flight to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a five hour bus ride to San Pedro Sula and then another three and a half hour bus ride to Copan, Honduas. WHEW! Don't forget about all the layovers. By the time we got to San Pedro Sula, it had been about 26 hours of traveling and I WAS DONE!!!! We stayed over night in SPS at a nice B&B owned by a very sweet lady named Sandra. We then took the bus in the morning to Copan. I have never been so happy to arrive somewhere in my life! That afternoon, we were kinda beat, so we wandered around town and took some pictures. The area is very hot and humid, which makes it very green. It's gorgeous. This picture is taken from the roof of our hotel.
We went into the town square and they were having a huge festival with kids so took some pictures of them jumproping. I thought it was cute.

This gives a better idea of what the streets look like here. It is a very hilly town, covered with nothing but cobblestone, so we are getting our exercise. Don't you think they did a great job organizing the telephone and electric wires....or not!

That night, we met a friend that we made on the bus for dinner at a pizza place. Her name is Alicia(and of course we forgot to take a picture) and she is down here on her own working for a nonprofit organiztion. It's a childrens organization and she is doing a food survey. Since the flour, sugar, salt, cornmeal and basic foods down here don't have proper nutrients, alot of babies are born with spinabiphida and cleft pallets. So they are trying to pass a bill with legislature to put the nutrients in the food so that pregnant women will be getting the nutrition without even knowing it, and will be more likely to have healthy babies. It was really interesting to be able to talk to her. We also go to talk a little about the church and our missions and inform her that Mormons are not polygamists :)


Angela said...

Long journeys are awful! But now you are there and having fun. The telephone wires are like that in the Philippines too. Must be something to do with 3rd world countries. :) Have fun!

Val Moir said...

How fun-- you two are sooooo adventureous!

The ABC's said...

I totally forgot you guys were going to Honduras! Have so much fun and take lots of pictures! I'm so jealous! :)