Monday, January 5, 2009

Anneliesa's wedding!!!!

My very good friend, Anneliesa got married on Saturday in Arizona and it was so great! I drove down with Nate and my friends Aileen and Elizabeth. We got there late on Thursday night. Friday morning we had a shower at Mimi's Cafe. (see above picture) After that we went to work running errands until the evening, when we went to the church to set up. The next day, I did Anneliesa's hair and went on some last minute errands with her while Nate, Aileen and Elizabeth went to the church to do the flowers and finish setting up. The wedding ceremony was great, then they had a ring ceremony, a luncheon and the reception. It was alot of work, but the four of us had tons of fun running around. Anneliesa and Scott were so cute together. I have to admit that I was kind of wishing that it was my wedding day again. The happy couple in front of the Mesa Temple.

After the ceremony during pictures.

All of the friends at the wedding. Congrats Anneliesa and Scott!


Angela said...

Sounds fun and exhausting. She looked so pretty.

T-Ray said...

Love the pictures... looks like a beautiful wedding. Lets get together soon ok?

Mindy said...

Nicole, I love you hair (just in case I haven't said that before) and you always dress soooo cute!!! You look so fantastic and happy!

Boyce said...

What a fun cute blog you have. Annaliesa looks great! I'm so sorry to hear about all of your picture issues. Don't give up and don't hate all computers....just have copies of your pics in 2 or 3 places (hard drive, cds, flash drive)...(You probably didn't want that advice...nor need it at this point....but I thought I'd give it anyway) :)

Jackie said...

I found your blog! YAY! :)

Email me so I can invite you to mine:

Miss you guys!