Sunday, August 1, 2010

Extravaganza 2010

This last week has been an eventful one in the Lundberg Family. First and foremost, Michael finished the Bar Exam!!!!! (Celebrate good times, c'mon!) He also had a birthday on the 26th(the day before he took the exam) and he spent the entire day at the law school studying for the test. The exam was on the 27th and the 28th. My parents had their wedding anniversary on the 27th and Michelle had her birthday on the 28th. I knew this called for a celebration.
I invited the family over to have a party and to admire this beautiful Martha Stewart-esque cake, complete with spelling errors and all. Cake decorating is not my forte. We started the night off with a BBQ at our house. Nate cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill. I was so busy getting everything ready for the meal that I never got a picture. But trust me, it was fun. We definately missed Angela, Kesse and their kids. After dinner, we walked over to the high school for what I think should be an annual exciting game of kickball. We played guys against girls. To make it fair to the guys, we had 4 adults and one 6 year old, while they had 5 adults. I'm sure you can only imagine the outcome of the game.

Megan had a ton of fun and was a little disappointed by the fact that while we were up to bat, she actually had to stand around. I'll admit it, I might have enjoyed that part.
Here is the guys team line up. L to R- Travis, Dad, Steve, Nate and Michael
And here are the real champs. If you know me well, my slogan is 'The winner is the one that has the most fun'. That was definately us. L to R- Megan, me, Michelle, Mom and Melissa.
The post game party consisted of softball using tennis balls that Nate and Steve collected from the tennis courts next to the baseball field. Megan was very excited when my dad helped hit some balls. It was cute. I thought this was a cool picture of Nate with the sky in the background Oh Steve, you're such a star.
Thanks to everyone for coming and for the great time!


politicchic6 said...

You love that kickball. I am glad to see that you are practicing for our next face off!

marilynl said...

We are so athletic.