Monday, May 24, 2010

A post for Michael

I know these next couple of posts are a bit braggy, so bare with me. I just really wanted to share the good things going on. I wanted to dedicate this post to my brother, Michael. On May 14th, he graduated from Law School at the University of Utah and I was definately a proud older sister. Michael worked hard and went through a lot of stress to get here, so her deserves a round of applause. Here he is just about to receive his diploma. The proud parents with the graduate. I think they were just as happy as he was.
This is where he spent the last three years of his life. We had a little tour of the building after graduation. He showed us the Moot Court room, the law library and his office. Congratulations Michael! You did it!

What other cool thing has Michael done lately? He sang the National Anthem at the Salt Lake Bees game. They held auditions and he decided to go. It was so fun to see him do it. I was so blown away by his amazing voice! I knew he was a good singer, but he really surprised me!

Forget about the fact the stadium was next to empty that game. Even though there was a small turn out, we were very excited to see the momentus occasion.

Even Bumble thought he did a great job!

In other news, Megan(my niece) spent the entire game following Bumble around the stadium. Here they are dancing. I think this might have been the highlight of her night. It was pretty funny.

Nice work Michael! Thanks for finally giving me something to blog about!


steve and jessica said...

Congrats Michael on law school and singing at the bees game! Your singing sounded great!

Mike said...

Love it! Thanks for all your support. I'll have to steal these pictures.

Angela said...

Congrats to my baby brother! Love this post!!!

Lindsay said...

People who graduate from the U of U law school are especially awesome! You are a nice sister, Nicole!