Monday, May 24, 2010

Happenings in the Fawcett Family

We have had the opportunity this spring to spend a good amount of time with Nate's family in the last little while. They came up for Easter and Conference weekend(unfortunately I was feeling lazy that weekend and didn't take a single picture). At the end of April, Josh, Nate's brother, graduated from BYU in Geography. Nate's parents were able to come up and spend the weekend to celebrate the graduation. Here he is in the processional. He's behind the tall guy. I'm always impressed when someone receives their degree. A lot of work goes into that. Congrats, Josh!

On May 8th, we went down to St George and did a session at the St George temple. Nate's youngest brother Caleb went through in preparation for his mission. He will be serving in Guatemala and he is leaving in July. Aimee, Nate's sister, decided it was time to go through for herself as well. It was a very special day to have all of the Fawcetts in the temple.


marilynl said...

Great posts. It's been a great spring so far!

T-Ray said...

Awesome! Many great things happening in your family right now!