Sunday, January 17, 2010

Halloween..a little late?

Halloween this year was so much fun that I waited until January to blog about it! As you can see, Nate and I dressed up as a smashing couple from the eighties. I referred to myself as Kelly Kapowski and I think Nate ended up being a cross between Zach Morris and Brett Michaels. Our friends Natalie and Dave hosted a party at their house in Daybreak and felt like I was on Wysteria Lane. That community is so cute! Aileen dressed up as a Kristen Wiig character
from SNL. Only those of you who have seen the sketch could appreciate her costume. Like the doll hands?

Again, if you've seen the sketch, you will understand the next picture of Aileen popping bubbles with her doll hands. I can't explain in, you just have to see it. Look up Lawrence Welk/SNL on hulu.

Tom and Season were Merlin and Mad Madam Mim. Obvioulsy, they had to have a wizards duel! Here there are, about the start the count off.


politicchic6 said...

Love the costume. You look fantastic, and I heart Aileen's tiny hands.

Our ABC Family said...

Too fun! I enjoyed seeing all your cute pictures and hearing how you guys have been and what you've been up too! Hope you're staying too busy, and that you're getting to enjoy some "you" time! Miss you guys!