Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas, in a few random pictures.

Let's be honest, I really took very few pictures this holiday season. It was so bad that I don't have a single picture of Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve! Shame on me. Anyway, we started Christmas off in Logan at Grandma Gutke's party complete with dancing around the Christmas tree and singing the 'Gypsy girl' song...just a few annual traditions. I had the honor of hanging out with this cute little couple who are engaged to be married. Everyone, meet Travis Dansereau. Melissa(my baby sis) chose this lucky guy to be the newest member of the Lundberg family. We are very excited for them.

The morning of Christmas Eve, we went to Hurricane to spend the rest of the holiday with Nate's family. While we were down there, Nate and the other Fawcett boys laid a laminate floor in the kitchen. It looks great!

And now for the crowning moment of Christmas morning? Er...Nate got me The Clapper!!! Since we bought the house, we really weren't going to do presents this year. But one day while looking at the online banking, I noticed a purchase from When I inquired about the purchase, all Nate said was, "it's for you, but it will make my life a lot easier." He assured me that I would like it and technically it was meant to be funny. I was totally stumped, and very surprised when I opened the present.

We had a very fun year and I was actually very excited for the holidays to be over and to get back to normal life. Now that normal life is here, I want the holidays back! The grass is always greener.

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politicchic6 said...

Sometimes, when I am really lazy (okay, most of the time) I dream of the clapper. But then I realize that I have Alan and he loves to be helpful, and he always ends up turning off all the lights. So it works out.