Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day this year was a total hit! Nate did a great job of preparing the perfect night. He started out by picking me up at a friends house so it felt like a real date (he also had me leave the house for a couple of hours to prepare) We had a candlelight dinner of ribs and potatoes.
Here we are getting ready to eat. Don't we look hungry?

One of my favorite things about special occasions with Nate...his attention to detail (a quality I don't possess). He made these cute heart shaped ice cubes with red food coloring. He also did it last year, so now it's a tradition.

Here is the 4 layer chocolate cake he made me. He didn't have much room, so he wrote Happy Valentine's Day in short hand with m&m's. YUM! After dinner, we went to the movie Taken (part of my gift to Nate) and it was AMAZING! Go see it. My heart was pounding like 97% of the time.

We wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast that night, but couldn't justify the expense. No problem, Nate brought the theme room to us. He made this cool canopy over our bed. It was very impressive!


Lindsay said...

That sounds and looks like an amazingly fun and romantic date! I just wanted to say that I have that same shirt (and I love it) and I wore it on my V-day date too! Fun!

Lesley said...

What a cute post! Way to set the bar high, Nate!

I think I want a purple canopy over my bed permanently! And I am totally stealing the red ice cube trick, too. What a fun idea. Sounds like it was the perfect holiday at the Fawcett household!

T-Ray said...

Wow! You guys are so creative! Love it! So cute. I will be taking notes for next year. ha ha

Brian and Courtni said...

good work, nate! glad you guys had such a fun valentines! you are so cute together!

Ashlee and Nathanael said...

First I have to say "how adorable" but then I have to ask...does that cake say HPV Day? As in the disease HPV? I know it stands for Happy Valentine's Day, and it's super adorable and sweet...but I did laugh a tiny bit.
And Nnicole did you color your hair again? It looks good.

Nicole said...

Haha, no it said HPY VDY. And yes, I did color my hair. Thanks!

Angela said...

Nate is so sweet. What a fun night. And by the way...I LOVE your bedspread. Where did you get it?