Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok, we have an accident prone member of the Fawcett household. Someone keeps getting hurt. I know what you're thinking...he "fell down the stairs", right? I've already heard it from his brother and his friends at work. But I promise, I haven't laid a finger on him. A week and a half ago, Nate was playing basketball at the church and this happened. He's been limping around everywhere, but I don't hear much complaining from him. He's a pretty good sport. Please notice the difference in size between the right and left foot. It's been pretty swollen.
Just the other night, we were leaving a friends house and she called to tell me I left something there. I had Nate run in and grab it.(I shouldn't do that to an invalid) When he came back to get in the car, he opened the door and banged it right against his head. It split right open, leaving him a Harry Potter-esque scar down his forehead. Sorry this is the only picture I have though. If you're wondering, the bandaid is cut so it doesn't get caught in his eyebrow. In the words of my mom...'Poor Nate'. Get well soon!! P.S. He usually acts much happier about getting his picture taken!


T-Ray said...

Ouch is right! Poor Nate! Hope he heals really soon. At least he is a good sport.

Brian and Courtni said...

good grief! we'll cross our fingers that he can make it this week without another injury :-) I think there is usually one accident prone person in a relationship...and unfortunately, I carry that title at my house!

Angela said...

That foot is HUGE! Maybe he needs to see the doctor. Hope no more accidents come his way.

Miss you tons!

ChaseandKristi said...

That is so funny. Poor Nate.