Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wax Museum and Phantom!

So we went Madame Tuessads(spelling) and it was there that I realized that the Blue Man Group is missing a very important member!
Don't worry guys. Nate was there the whole time!
And Nate did a very impressive slam dunk over Shaq.
Our last night in Vegas, Nate took me to see Phantom and it was so good! It totally exceeded my expectations and was like a MILLION times better then when I saw it in SLC with the traveling group. We had a blast on our homeymoon. I'm sure that all you marrieds understand that going back to work is alot less fun than the honeymoon! We wish we could go back.
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T-Ray said...

Yea for new pictures!! It is fun to see a little bit of your honeymoon. Looks like you guys had a blast. I love Phantom!

Brian and Courtni said...

It looks like a blast! The only thing I wish you had up there were pictures of Nate "volunteering..." that still ranks up with the all time funniest stories I have heard you tell! So happy for you!

Nicole said...

Courtni...I totally hear you! The sad thing about that whole night was that photography was forbidden. They said that if we took pictures, we would be kicked out of the show.

Val Moir said...

Fun Pics-- love that you went to Vegas for your HM-- same! We need to talk soon. Your dad is cleaning my teeth on eht 19th, random, are you in Logan for Christmas?