Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caroling with the Fawcetts

On Monday night, Nate and I went to Hurricane to participate in the long time tradition of Christmas caroling with Nate's extended family. It was so much fun! The best part about it was that it actually snowed down there! That doesn't happen very often. Usually they go to home teachee houses, widows or shut ins and it seems to brighten their night. Here we are on the caroling route. If you are wondering if he's getting eaten by a fox, relax. This wonderful hat is from his mission in Mongolia. It definitely keeps him warm. (Don't you think he kind of looks like a giant next to me???)
Here I am with Aubrey, one of Nate's cousins. She's great! Not only that, she's also an Aggie. How could we not be friends with that in common???
I had to put this in. Nate took this picture because it's not very often that you see a palm tree with snow on it. I thought it was pretty cool!
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Angela said...

What a fun family tradition. I love the hat by the way. We told Jax Nate grew out his hair and he believed it. Funny!

Jami N. said...

Hey, Nicole! I found your blog through Angela's...congrats on your marriage. Married life is awesome! You look fantastic, by the way. Life is treating you well!

Jennifer Rae said...

He does look like a giant next to you in that picture! But we like big cuddly men!

Dianne and Sean said...

Sounds like a fun tradition! I love the picture of the palm tree with snow. We'll see you guys soon, and I hope by then you'll have that polar bear removed from Nate's head :)

T-Ray said...

How fun! That is a tradition with my family too. We do it on Christmas Eve though... so it is something I am looking forward to. :o) Hope you have a Merry Christmas.